The Life Balance Matrix tool integrates a planning tool for the integral life practice (ILP) and a brainwave & biofield entrainment audio player with unique sound modules from iAwake Technologies for integral resilience training for sports training & body workout, mind focusing, spirit meditation, shadow transformation and creativity flow.

A balanced training plan can be created quickly and easily from over 300 available choices in the areas of physical fitness, mental training, spiritual awakening, shadow-light transformation practices as well as through 7 additional modules. The training plan is then automatically transferred to the standard iCal calendar which fully synchronizes with other widely used calendars.

The tool further integrates a guided meditation for the desired training with stimulating binaural and biofield entrainment beats from iAwake Technologies, pulses for the self-reflection of your current Life Balance and personal time frame, and an extensive library of links to video, audio and web resources for Integral Life Practice from

The Life Balance Matrix is built upon the integral model of Life Practice of the American philosopher Ken Wilber. The integral model helps you to better understand how the structure of your own life and be able to arrange an all-inclusive map of your consciousness. The database structure is widely based on the concept of Integral Life Practice (ILP) designed by Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard & Marco Morelli.

The expression “Life Balance Matrix” represents the unique shape and order of your inner and outer world that continually evolves every waking moment in life. Our vision aims to help you become aware of your own unique matrix by regular training and self-reflection.

This tool was inspired by many wonderful people and the work of Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Adam Leonard and Marco Morelli regarding the theory of Integral Life Practice (ILP). Very special thanks for deep inspirations and support to Denns Wittrock and Michael Habecker from Integrales Forum Germany and to Pam & John Dupuy and Eric Thompson from iAwake Technologies.

Enjoy your evolving life balance consciousness!