Features of Version 2.0


Version 2 offers an audio tool for integral states awareness training besides the planning tool for integral life practice.

The integrated brainwave & biofield entrainment audio player provides unique sound modules from iAwake Technologies for sports training & body workout, mind focusing, spirit meditation, shadow transformation and creativity work.

Additional Features:

→ Easy-to-use planning tool for the integral life practice (ILP) fully synchronized to the standard iCal calendar

→  Matrix of life balance practices from 5 core modules including physical fitness, mental training, spiritual awareness training, shadow-light transformation and a further 7 modules including ethics, relationships & communication, work, creativity, eros-agape balance, life style and humor

→  Tracking log for your training plan

→  Warnings for unbalanced or overloaded plans

→  Guidance for the self-reflection of your personal time frame

→  Guided meditation for the desired training with stimulating binaural tones from iAwake Technologies

→  AQAL codes to all life practices

→  Easy database extension with user’s personal practices

→  Multi-tasking function support with iCal features